Learning Adventure

Game history

Some years ago, in the kingdom of wisdom ruled the desire to learn more and more, all its inhabitants were happy and wise, with an education above average, so the kingdom became the largest empire on earth, with the development of their practices, they were able to produce faster and more efficiently.
The empire is ruled by King Sophos, his queen Alison, Prince Wise, who are all wise men.
The abundance in the kingdom created envy in neighbouring kingdoms, and in the realm of ignorance, King Ignoramus sent a thief to kidnap the prince of the kingdom of wisdom, arrested him and blackmails King Sophos, in order to gain new lands and gold.
King Sophos offered the sacred book of eternal wisdom to those who would save his son from the dungeons of the wicked king Ignoramus.
Then you showed up, a real hero, willing to save the prince Wise from the clutches of the thief Tough Beard.
Good Luck!

Learning Adventure

This RPG is a Learning Adventure because the player cannot pass the levels without answering the questions asked during the challenges in the game.
The questions in the game can be about any educational theme or subject.
What if your child could learn while playing this game?

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Game in Development

We want to create 2 more levels to finish the game.

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